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 The search for personal and professional success is a life long journey of trial and error. In every thought and action, we must always think of excellence. Let us try to put an emphasis on some of the insights of the basic questions in LIFE?


?WHO?? - This is probably the most important question in life. It speaks about us! We are the one who is in control of our life that is why, we must know ourselves more than anybody else. That?s why, no matter what situation comes up we will know the directions we should take in making decisions.


?WHAT?? - We can consider this question as one of the hardest to answer. For us to be able to make dreams come true, we must deeply understand that we will only posses WHAT we are willing to passionately pursue and pushes ourselves to a better and more productive performance.


?WHEN?? - Since success is a life long journey of ups and downs, one important factor that we can consider is for us to understand that ?Today?s excellence is tomorrows mediocrity. We must know WHEN the right time to act for our plans and expect that our life today is less than what we expect out of our life tomorrow.


?WHERE?? - The road toward success has no end in sight, and you can expect a long term commitment to make our innermost dream come true. We must think that there is a higher road for our destination. WHEREVER that may be: remember that we have never arrived, so we just continue and enjoy on our journey with purpose.


?WHY?? - This question tackles our purpose in life, it leads us in searching for answers WHY we should take initiatives in actions that can make our journey with purpose becomes successful. Knowing our purpose gives meaning to life, motivation, simplifies life and prepare us for eternal legacy.


?HOW?? - So HOW well do measure up in the arena of excellence towards success? If we are willing to do what it takes to achieve it, let us step up in the starting line, and get ready for a race that has no end in this life. Regardless of the cost, we must pursue excellence. Dream deeply because in every dream precedes goal.


Let us stop looking for a shortcut to excellence in our lives, because there is no such thing. Our success in life is actually linked to our routines of a disciplined lifestyle. Although there are no shortcut to excellence, we can make sure we don't unnecessarily prolong our journey along the way!




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